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Ricitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos

Our first literacy-based unit is here! The Goldilocks unit contains 10 lessons (plus an optional 11th lesson) to teach Spanish vocabulary from the story through videos, songs, games and crafts.


Keeping in mind that my goal is to save you time, this unit plan comes with almost everything you'll need. All you need is a color printer (and laminator if you wish to make your flashcards last longer!) Here is what you'll get:


1. A simplified version of the Ricitos de Oro story, written in both English and Spanish. Simple pictures and short sentences make it easy to work with for the preschool level. Print out the story, use with page protectors and a binder, and you can use it year after year.

2. A materials list that tells you what you'll need to print for each lesson (and how many to print). Any art supplies that you will need to have ready will be listed for you, as well.

3. Printable flashcards, games, worksheets and crafts. Flashcards are consistent with the images used in the story and videos to aid students in understanding.

4. Step-by-step lesson plans. Everythng you'll need to do from the moment you sit in your starting circle to when you sing the goodbye song.

5. Video lessons and songs. Each lesson starts with a short video introducing the vocabulary for each lesson. Most lessons have a song using the vocabulary, and I've given you a music video for those, too!


Each lesson is designed to last 30 minutes. Over the course of the unit, you will continue to add more and more to the story until you have completed the entire thing.


The lesson topics for Ricitos de Oro are as follows:


Lesson One: La Chica y El Oso

Lesson Two: Los Tamaños

Lesson Three: Los Tazones

Lesson Four: Caliente y Frío

Lesson Five: La Avena

Lesson Six: Duro y Blando

Lesson Seven: La Silla Rota

Lesson Eight: La Chica Dormida

Lesson Nine: Las Emociones

Lesson Ten: El Final del Cuento

Lesson Eleven: Un Poco de Todo

  • Specs and Licensing Info:

    This file is in PDF format. Please be sure you can open a document of this type before purchasing. 


    These lessons may be used for your own personal/homeschool/classroom use. They may not be shared with other teachers outside of your school, posted on a website (including personal, classroom or district), nor offered for sale.