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As a Pre-K teacher who is fortunate enough to be implementing the A is for Amigos program in my classroom, I am thrilled at how quickly the children are learning! Not only are the lessons fun and engaging, but the supplemental materials are great for follow through and repetition! The children thoroughly look forward to the energetic lessons each week and are learning so much! Thanks so much, A is for Amigos!

Doulla Mertik, Preschool Teacher

I found A is For Amigos to be a well-organized curriculum with easy to follow lesson plans. The children love hearing their favorite stories in Spanish and are engaged almost immediately.  I am easily able to incorporate the vocabulary given into the classroom on a daily basis.

Jodi McClernan, Montessori Teacher

A is for Amigos presents targeted words and phrases in a repetitive, high energy manner through a variety of activities that young children can’t help but enjoy and attend to. Incorporating this program into my thematic curriculums allowed my three-year old students to learn age-appropriate communication skills in Spanish, and has enriched their overall language and literacy experience. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to learn new words, and the built-in review ensured the retention rate was equally impressive! A is for Amigos is nothing short of fantástico!

Jess Youmans, Preschool Teacher