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We want to give you some of your time back.

Lesson Plans? Check.

Activities? Check.

Videos? Check.

We've already done the work for you. And like any good teacher, we like to share. 

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¡Hola, preschool teachers!

I'm here to tell you that what you do for your preschool students is incredible! You work tirelessly to provide them with high-quality lessons, a stimulating learning environment and engaging activities. You take great care in selecting and creating the Spanish curriculum for your students. And with all of your different preps? I know you work just as hard outside the classroom as you do in it.

As a fellow preschool Spanish teacher, I also understand your struggles. 

  • You see a LOT of kids a FEW times a week, which means you’re always prepping something new.

  • There are a lot of teacher-made materials available out there, but the quality varies greatly. Sometimes, you don't really know what you're getting until AFTER you've spent the money. 

  • You have a ton of great ideas, but there's just. not. enough. time. 

  • You sift through and compile materials from many sources, but you're frustrated with the lack of continuity in your unit plans.

I’m Danielle Vincent and I created A is for Amigos just for you!


A is for Amigos is a preschool Spanish curriculum that you and I can teach together. I will send you my personal step-by-step lesson plans with everything that I do in my own preschool Spanish classes. You’ll have access to short videos, where my trusty partner (Alicia) and I will teach the new vocabulary to your class. Then, you’ll receive printable materials such as flashcards, crafts, games and song lyrics to interact with your students about what was taught in the video.


And once you become an A is for Amigos user, you’ll have a partner in me for the life of the program. I’ll stay in touch via email with tips for using your materials and additional resource suggestions that you can use to supplement your lessons. 

Want to see more of what we do here? Head on over to our YouTube Channel for short, fun and FREE videos that you can start using in your class today!